Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trap Door

I'm actually posting this as a favor to a few friends. This is the first Trap Door psych mix that I'm not sure even got a proper release other being online. The people at Dis-joint put this one together as well as the second Trap Door mix which did see a proper release on vinyl and CD. Unlike the second "mystery" mix the first one lists the artists and songs, albeit a few were spelled wrong and mis-matched (I fixed these to the best of my knowledge.) A great mix and it flows effortlessly. Not to mention an easy way to check out some of the more obscure tracks without forking over the small mountain of bills some of these records fetch. Plus - you get the killer Dennis Olivieri track which is a personal fave. So good. Enjoy. I'll be uploading some of my favorite funk 45's next week as time permits so check back. PEACE!

Trap Door Mix

(Click to download)


AstroNation said...

thanks so much for this, been looking for this for a while!!!

R. Anthony Harris said...

love this album. i need more of Can and The Rationals,

Graeme Whitehouse said...

Thanks for putting up this (un)mix! and even bigger thanks for the tracklisting too! Really cool of you to share!!!!

Greg Iz said...

Thanks for posting this mix! It changed my world when I first heard it. Still my favorite psych mix of all time!