Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This week it's all about the reggae/dub 45's! Before I go any further - these are all taken off the original Jamaican pressings which are often less than perfect - so if you're looking to hear a perfect recording with outstanding fidelity then turn back now. If you find the clicks and pops in all their analog glory endearing as do I - well then it's your lucky day!

The first 45 is by The Twin Roots on the Congo label called "Know Love" - I've had a tough time finding info on this one - I'm guessing late 70's or very early 80's but regardless a killer Roots tune. I know the 12" version was on Black Art so possibly there's some Lee Perry connection although his name isn't mentioned anywhere on this one. I've played this one so many times it's not even funny.

The Twin Roots - "Know Love"
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The next 45 is by one of my all time favorites - Burning Spear. Song is Spear Burning on the Spear label from 1976 - just 3 years after their first Lp for Studio One. Kind of strange since their first record for Island was in 1975. I guess they were still making some independent pressings - legitimate or otherwise. "Behold the Spear Burning over yonder - fling it on a stick up and catch a fire". Winston Rodney - in my humble opinion one of the few reggae artists that managed to age well even into the late 80's and still puts on such a great live show.

Burning Spear - "Spear Burning"
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That's it for now - have 3 more updates coming this week so check back - and again - if you have a site/blog - please link me - it's greatly appreciated!


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SachaMassaGonna said...

Incredible Selecta! Thanks for sharing the vibes! "Know Love" by The Twin Roots seems to be a different mix to the one that most people have on releases. It seems 'brighter' and 'cleaner' any chance of sharing the b-side? Is it a version or dub?

One Love