Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Part 4

Ok - so this is the last of the reggae 45's for now. Not sure what I'm going to put up next but I'll have it up by Thursday!

I had to put up one more Burning Spear 45 - chose Marcus Garvey because it's a killer tune and slightly different than the version released on the Lp. Listen closely and you'll hear little parts that didn't make it onto the more popular track.

Burning Spear - "Marcus Garvey"
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The last 45 I saved until now is another one I was unable to track down much info on other than it's on a handful of comps. Backed by the Aggrovators it's Jerry Lewis' "The Organization" - I suspect there's a Lee Perry connection as one of his biggest songs "Burning Wire" was co-written with him and the Aggrovators backed him quite a bit. Not much he didn't have his hand in! Anyhow - check the tune!

Jerry Lewis - "The Organization"

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Enjoy - check back Thursday to see what's next!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Part two!

Kicking things off with a mean 45 by the undisputed keyboard king of Studio One! Jackie Mittoo - a true legend. With such credentials as being an original member of the Skatalites and backing some of the most heavyweight names in reggae at the time including The Cables and The Wailers he later went on to release a ton of killer releases on his own. This 45 is one of them - a spaced out dubby slab of genius on his own Stine-Tac label out of Canada called "Mash Down Babylon" from 1979. You have no idea how ecstatic I was to stumble upon the original of this one - just listen...

Jackie Mittoo - "Mash Down Babylon"
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It's not over - another heavy 45 awaits. Credited to The Preacher the song "Black Moses" is a blend of massive slowed down funk careening head on into a of lane pure Jamaican groove. One of the most unique blends of music I own on 45 - and yet another one I have been unable to find out any info on other than it's produced by Derrick Harriott. If you know any better please drop me a line! In the meantime - soak it up.

The Preacher - "Black Moses"

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As always - please enjoy. Part 3 is not far away! Check back!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This week it's all about the reggae/dub 45's! Before I go any further - these are all taken off the original Jamaican pressings which are often less than perfect - so if you're looking to hear a perfect recording with outstanding fidelity then turn back now. If you find the clicks and pops in all their analog glory endearing as do I - well then it's your lucky day!

The first 45 is by The Twin Roots on the Congo label called "Know Love" - I've had a tough time finding info on this one - I'm guessing late 70's or very early 80's but regardless a killer Roots tune. I know the 12" version was on Black Art so possibly there's some Lee Perry connection although his name isn't mentioned anywhere on this one. I've played this one so many times it's not even funny.

The Twin Roots - "Know Love"
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The next 45 is by one of my all time favorites - Burning Spear. Song is Spear Burning on the Spear label from 1976 - just 3 years after their first Lp for Studio One. Kind of strange since their first record for Island was in 1975. I guess they were still making some independent pressings - legitimate or otherwise. "Behold the Spear Burning over yonder - fling it on a stick up and catch a fire". Winston Rodney - in my humble opinion one of the few reggae artists that managed to age well even into the late 80's and still puts on such a great live show.

Burning Spear - "Spear Burning"
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That's it for now - have 3 more updates coming this week so check back - and again - if you have a site/blog - please link me - it's greatly appreciated!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Funk 45's Pt. 3

Ok - so this it for now. My final two and I saved my favorite for last.

Without a doubt my hands down favorite funk tune of all time - Lou Courtney's "Hey Joyce". This track NEVER gets old. I hope Joyce knows how lucky she is to have this monster of a song all about her. And if all is right with the world Mr. Courtney had her at his beck and call for years to come. It's only fair right? Yeah it's fair. Play this one every time I get the chance. Your welcome in advance.

Lou Courtney - "Hey Joyce"

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Next 45 is a track I heard a long time ago on some random compilation and forgot all about it until it came through the store. This song just has great energy and I love that even though it's about heartache it's not some ballad-y sap song - just belts right through until the end. It's by The Flirtations and called "Nothing But A Heartache" - enjoy.

The Flirtations - "Nothing But A Heartache"
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That's it for now with the funk 45's - next week - some choice reggae and dub selections. Ya heard? If you get a chance - do me a favor and link me if you have a site/blog. It's greatly appreciated.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funk 45's Pt. 2

Round two. First off is a 45 by Justin - don't know much about this one but I love the track. Bit surprised there's not more info on this one out there. Flip is a ballad-y number that doesn't do too much for me - but "Right Now" is killin' it. Check it!

Justin - "Right Now"
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Second 45 treads into the disco realm a bit - but it's still funky and gets people moving. It's been on a few comps but I threw it in here anyways.

Rare Function - "Disco Function"
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Short and sweet today. Part 3 coming Monday so check back!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My favorite Funk 45's Pt. 1

It took a minute - but it was worth the wait. Trust me. These aren't the rarest or most obscure funk 45's, they're just some of my favorites. Chances are if you've come to any of the funk/soul nights I've done or spun at you've heard a few of these.

The first one is by The Superlatives called "I Don't Know How (To Say I Love You)". First - I have to give props to my man Troy for turning me onto this one. Great track! An upbeat number that flows so nice with those drums. I'd like to shake the hand of whoever decided to put those drums so up front in the mix. The song wouldn't be nearly as good without that punch they give it.

The Superlatives - "I Don't Know (To Say I Love You)"
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The next 45 I've played to death and you know what? It never gets old. Such a beast of a song. Mack Rice's "Three People In Love" - THAT AIN'T RIGHT. Sho' ain't! And that's the truth!!!

Mack Rice - "Three People In Love"
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Enjoy! More funk 45's coming this week! Don't sleep!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trap Door

I'm actually posting this as a favor to a few friends. This is the first Trap Door psych mix that I'm not sure even got a proper release other being online. The people at Dis-joint put this one together as well as the second Trap Door mix which did see a proper release on vinyl and CD. Unlike the second "mystery" mix the first one lists the artists and songs, albeit a few were spelled wrong and mis-matched (I fixed these to the best of my knowledge.) A great mix and it flows effortlessly. Not to mention an easy way to check out some of the more obscure tracks without forking over the small mountain of bills some of these records fetch. Plus - you get the killer Dennis Olivieri track which is a personal fave. So good. Enjoy. I'll be uploading some of my favorite funk 45's next week as time permits so check back. PEACE!

Trap Door Mix

(Click to download)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This is the beginning...

of the end. This is where I will be posting music I'm either really into at the moment, feel like people should hear or make it easier to share my music. Stay tuned.