Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Part two!

Kicking things off with a mean 45 by the undisputed keyboard king of Studio One! Jackie Mittoo - a true legend. With such credentials as being an original member of the Skatalites and backing some of the most heavyweight names in reggae at the time including The Cables and The Wailers he later went on to release a ton of killer releases on his own. This 45 is one of them - a spaced out dubby slab of genius on his own Stine-Tac label out of Canada called "Mash Down Babylon" from 1979. You have no idea how ecstatic I was to stumble upon the original of this one - just listen...

Jackie Mittoo - "Mash Down Babylon"
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It's not over - another heavy 45 awaits. Credited to The Preacher the song "Black Moses" is a blend of massive slowed down funk careening head on into a of lane pure Jamaican groove. One of the most unique blends of music I own on 45 - and yet another one I have been unable to find out any info on other than it's produced by Derrick Harriott. If you know any better please drop me a line! In the meantime - soak it up.

The Preacher - "Black Moses"

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As always - please enjoy. Part 3 is not far away! Check back!


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