Monday, November 19, 2007

Funk 45's Pt. 3

Ok - so this it for now. My final two and I saved my favorite for last.

Without a doubt my hands down favorite funk tune of all time - Lou Courtney's "Hey Joyce". This track NEVER gets old. I hope Joyce knows how lucky she is to have this monster of a song all about her. And if all is right with the world Mr. Courtney had her at his beck and call for years to come. It's only fair right? Yeah it's fair. Play this one every time I get the chance. Your welcome in advance.

Lou Courtney - "Hey Joyce"

(Click to listen - CTRL & Click (PC) or Option & Click (Mac) to save!)

Next 45 is a track I heard a long time ago on some random compilation and forgot all about it until it came through the store. This song just has great energy and I love that even though it's about heartache it's not some ballad-y sap song - just belts right through until the end. It's by The Flirtations and called "Nothing But A Heartache" - enjoy.

The Flirtations - "Nothing But A Heartache"
(Click to listen - CTRL & Click (PC) or Option & Click (Mac) to save!)

That's it for now with the funk 45's - next week - some choice reggae and dub selections. Ya heard? If you get a chance - do me a favor and link me if you have a site/blog. It's greatly appreciated.


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