Monday, April 14, 2008

Richmond Soul 45's part 3

Well - I hate to say I saved the best for last but I feel like I did this time. Not only does it have one of the best label designs of any 45 I've come across I don't feel like it's gotten it's due in the realm of local 45's that people are after. Maybe this will change that! Amazing soul - some might call it Northern Soul but I don't have the time or energy to classify it under anything other then simply funk or soul. See for yourself! Soul Disciples on the Phantom label out of good ol' Richmond!

Soul Disciples - "That's The Way Love Goes"

(Click to listen - CTRL & Click (PC) or Option & Click (Mac) to save!)

Soul Disciples - "Together"
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Next week - some of my favorite rare and not so rare Disco-Rap! Check back!!!


Nicholas said...

Great record. It's actually been in strong demand for several years now. Was very sought after in the UK a couple of years back. More have turned up since then so it sells for less than it used to. Together is the side for me, but the flip is popular on the N.Soul scene too.

Kenny Bloggenz said...

Believe it or not - a friend happened to see some guy tossing a box of records into the trash and happened to look - turned up about 8 stock copies of it.

Black Shag said...

Thank you for this, I have been looking for at least an mp3 copy for a while.

The thought of 8 stock copies of this going into the trash almost broke my heart.

Bring on the disco rap!

Jackson Kid said...

Wow... that was one of those diggers' fairy tales.

I just checked out your blog for the first time-- glad I found it!

Any interest in trading links?


katonah said...

many thanks, together rocks