Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Richmond Soul 45's

Ok - back after a bit of a break and decided to upload some more local stuff - this time out of Richmond. Rather then post some of the bigger records that are fairly well known I decided to share three that are a little more obscure. The first is a 45 by the Banks Bros on the Consolidated label. Although it's not from Richmond - but somewhere outside the DC area from what I gather - it's close enough I thought I'd throw it in. From what I know it was apparently put out by an actual bank - I have no idea if it was just backed by the bank or put out as an actual promotional item but it's still pretty odd. Didn't even like the tune at first but now it's grown on me - check it!

Banks Bros - "Bring It All Back Home"

(Click to listen - CTRL & Click (PC) or Option & Click (Mac) to save!)

Next update on Thursday - so check back!


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