Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Part 4

Ok - so this is the last of the reggae 45's for now. Not sure what I'm going to put up next but I'll have it up by Thursday!

I had to put up one more Burning Spear 45 - chose Marcus Garvey because it's a killer tune and slightly different than the version released on the Lp. Listen closely and you'll hear little parts that didn't make it onto the more popular track.

Burning Spear - "Marcus Garvey"
(Click to listen - CTRL & Click (PC) or Option & Click (Mac) to save!)

The last 45 I saved until now is another one I was unable to track down much info on other than it's on a handful of comps. Backed by the Aggrovators it's Jerry Lewis' "The Organization" - I suspect there's a Lee Perry connection as one of his biggest songs "Burning Wire" was co-written with him and the Aggrovators backed him quite a bit. Not much he didn't have his hand in! Anyhow - check the tune!

Jerry Lewis - "The Organization"

(Click to listen - CTRL & Click (PC) or Option & Click (Mac) to save!)

Enjoy - check back Thursday to see what's next!